The best energy deals. Always.

Forget about deciphering complicated energy tariffs and needing to regularly compare plans. AIswitch uses artificial intelligence to switch you automatically and guarantee maximum savings.

This product will revolutionise the way you handle your energy bills.

What is AIswitch?

Originating from research at the University of Cambridge, AIswitch is an intelligent program that finds better energy deals for every customer, based on their individual habits. AIswitch is designed to remove the hassle in energy switching and works for free to reduce your energy bills.

Constantly searching for a better deal

Complex tariffs, dozens of suppliers to choose from, new offers every month and inaccurate usage estimates all make finding a great deal hard work! AIswitch constantly works through the options available, notifying you any time there's a better plan.

Worry-free switching

Even after you’ve found the a better deal, switching can be a hassle. AIswitch will take care of everything, allowing you to switch with a single click. And even though we use advanced technology, there will always be a real person on the end of the line if you contact us with any questions or have any problems.

How it works?

STEP 1: Signup for FREE

Register with an email and password to get started.

STEP 2: Connect Account

Connect AIswitch to your current energy provider. AIswitch can then analyse your usage and billing information, finding a deal tailored to fit you and save you money.

STEP 3: Confirm Switch

AIswitch finds the best deals, emails you the details, then confirms that you are happy to switch. If you are, we take care of the details for you with a single click.


free to you

Our competitors will charge you £25 per year. We offer our service FREE to you.

Our AI can work at £0.1 per day, but super smart.

saving guaranteed

We guarantee that if we switch you, you will save. If you don't, we will pay back the difference up to £1000.

Don't worry. You will always save the bill with Switch. We promise.

honest comparison

Never biased with variable commissions paid by suppliers because we charge a uniform rate. You can be assured our only interest is finding you the best deal.

Our only interest is finding you the best deal.

About Us

We are a Cambridge University born "Energy AI" startup.

AISWITCH is provided by SMAP Energy Limited, which originated from research at the University of Cambridge. In collaboration with our academic and industrial partners, we've developed novel analysis techniques that transform energy consumption data into new products and services. We are supported/granted by Cambridge Enterprise Limited, the Climate-KIC accelerator program, and Winton Labs.

Our Supporters/Partners


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How does AISwitch make money?

AIswitch accepts commissions from retailers when we switch clients to their service.

Your trust is incredibly important to us and we never let comission affect the quality of recommendations we give! To make sure of this, all commissions are uniform, meaning that AIswitch has no reason to prefer one service over another - except where it gives you the best deal possible. This way, everyone wins!

What data does AIswitch collect and who is it shared with?

We only require the minimum amount of information required to make our recommendation and switch you. This may include account numbers, information on your current plan, previous energy consumption, etc.

This is information is shared only when necessary to switch you to a better plan. As part of the signup up process it may be shared with any new suppliers you choose to switch to.

How much can I save?

The average household can save around £300 annually just by moving from their current supplier's expensive standard tariff to its cheapest fixed term deal.

Many customers don't realise that the tariff they are on is likely to expire in the future and that their retailer will then automatically switch them to a higher cost plan.

To get better deals, customers needs to be vigilant about their energy plans, and switch whenever it makes sense to do so. AIswitch does this for you, constantly watching for better deals to make sure you are always on a less expensive option.

Why do you only recommend 3 options?

While most sites show every offer on the market, this can quickly get confusing as there may be dozens of offers to review and decide between.

We only show you those plans which will have a real benefit for you. To simplify this even further, we choose “best in class” offerings for three segments of suppliers: big, small, and green.

Big suppliers are the traditional “Big Six” companies, which include British Gas, SSE, Scottish Power, E.ON, npower, and EDF Energy. Small suppliers are the other companies on the market, many of them are quite new.

Independent of size, we also feature suppliers who we consider to be green. By doing so, customers can choose to select suppliers who directly support green energy.

What do you mean by green energy?

Green energy suppliers - by our definition - are companies whose entire generation mix is derived from 90% or greater renewable sources. We do include small suppliers who haven’t been operating long enough to have a full view of their generation mix but have expressed a strong intent to do so.

Additionally, we exclude so-called green suppliers who are white-labels of larger suppliers who do not meet this definition.

How do you calculate expected savings?

We calculate expected savings by assuming you do nothing to change your current energy plan over the next year.

In the case of many customers on a fixed-term plan, their plan will expire in the next year and they will automatically be switched to a standard plan with their supplier. In almost all cases, these standard plans are more expensive than the previous fixed-term plan. That’s why even a renewal of your current fixed-term plan could produce savings in this scenario.

Of course, we don’t want to only consider plans available under your current supplier when there could be much better ones on the market, so we compare all available plans at the time of recommendation. Using your expected energy consumption for the next year, we calculate what your bill would be under your current plan - including potential expiration and switching to a standard plan - against all competing plans. This difference is the expected savings.

What if you switch me to a plan and I end up paying more?

We guarantee that you won’t pay more, and we will reimburse you up to £1000 if you do.

This does assume that your increased bill is not the result of increased energy usage, and there are a few relevant terms and conditions attached, which you can read more in the T&Cs.

Do I have to switch to the plans you recommend?

No - we won’t force you to switch a plan we recommend and we won’t automatically switch you in the future without your express consent.

Got questions?

For all inquiries, please email us at: